Activities of the Centre for Family  Studies

Provides opportunity for decision makers to access and contribute to information on South African families and constituent family members through 

  • Information sharing workshops, seminars and conferences

  • Media advocacy e.g. radio, written articles, social media, etc.

  • Discussion papers and documents representing family issues made available to stakeholders

  • Research and studies on family related matters (short research topics and a longitudinal study)


For more information on the White Paper on Families in South Africa (2013) click here

Supports service providers that work with families and constituent family members to network through a platform by

  • Managing a network of organisations who support the FCP

  • Managing of individual experts who support the FCP


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that families live and interact within the broader community. In line with this "new normal" the FCP is also changing. While we wait for the reconvening of face-to-face workshops, the CFS is providing support directly into family homes through a Training Manual for Families. The self-managed, mother-tongue manuals will be made available through print, radio and the social media platforms.