Family Cohesion Project (FCP)

The Family Cohesion Project seeks to strengthen family life and advance the well-being of parents, youth and children through public education and awareness raising related to issues that negatively affect the quality of family life - in the South African context. The well-being of a family includes amongst others, personal relationships, communication skills and household budgeting. Behaviour change within the family is a key component leading to a strengthened, more resilient family. (Click here for more information on Activities of the FCP)


These localised activities are supported by Family Support Groups (FSGs) who undertake the role of peer education, support to families and assistance in identifying those who are in need of additional follow-on support services that require the help of experts and professionals in the field of social services. 

By recognising and naming the support that is required through either self-help or follow-on support from professionals in the field of therapy, mediation and counselling, families start to recognise behaviour change as being critical to functioning families who can support themselves through the life cycle of family life. 



Through a continuous loop of action / reflection, research on families informs developmental services and support to family members which in turn informs research priorities.