#8 .... Thoughts on family in less than 100 words

Alvin Bhengu writes: "Historically family has formed an important role in the lives of many cultures in South Africa, particularly in black societies. However, with influence of urbanization, colonization, westernization and mass migration the power of the family suffered gradual deterioration. An increase in divorces, child abuse, sexual abuse within the family and other such issues have caused critical break down in society's functionality and so other social institutions have had to step into the role that family was meant to lead. In my view, if South Africa is to make a change for the better, the key is in the re-empowerment of families around the country. Let fathers be husbands first, let husbands be men first, and men be boys first. Same goes for our mothers. In that case, we can solidify the moral and functional standards of our country. God bless Africa.

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