Digging into the family toolbox

A child copes poorly with schooling, an adult is unable to provide financially, an older person is overwhelmed by family demands, the teenage parent is ill-equipped to parent, the substance abuser causes hardship to self and others and the mental health user is unable to manage daily life. These are some of the difficulties that very ordinary families face. Within the family life cycle, members can go to a toolbox of coping skills to prevent, to manage and solve problems.

The toolbox however needs to be built and filled and used and renewed. Use of the tools could be about learning how to support each other, appreciation of self and others and getting together as a family. Remembering to say "thank you" and "what help do you need?" Consideration, tolerance and respect; as well as role and responsibility are tools that can be used. With more and more practice the tools become easier and easier to use.

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