Look at the strengths of a family - not the weakness!

Updated: May 10, 2020

Considering family life .... it is so easy to find the problems eg financial difficulties, unemployment, badly behaved children, absent fathers, mothers trying to cope with the stress of work and family, etc. etc

But what about the strengths of a family? What of the capacities within a family that will help to mitigate against these very problems? Families have strengths that make the unit better able to solve problems?

A family that is strong and resilient has the following characteristics:

1. the members express love and appreciation for each other

2. the members are committed to each other and to family life

3. the members spend time together and make plans to spend time together

4. the members stay connected through various communications means eg talking, social media etc

5. the members have the ability to jointly deal with the problems that family members might experience

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