Resilient mothers ... doesn't happen by chance

Happy Mother's Day! While we celebrate this special day - thanks, honour, congratulate etc etc - a cautious approach to family is advised because while the “family might be perceived as a unit of love, caring and stability, it is also the unit that legitimises oppression and cruelty in the name of the state, religion and culture".

The home is potentially the space of domestic violence and abuse of vulnerable individuals, including children, women, older persons and persons with disability. Let's not celebrate mothers for one day of the year and negate their role and presence for the rest of the year.

Let's strive to strengthen the capacity of the home space? For all those other days let's put in place measures to build resilience for effective motherhood - legislation, economic support, caring family members and recognition of a group that raises the next generation. All of that would indeed make for a very special day!

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