Solving the problem of GBV is solving the problem of family dysfunction

Stop saying that (i) gender based violence is being perpetrated by our fathers, our husbands, our sons and our brothers, and that (ii) women and men must fight against GBV! What? Sounds illogical? Where is the battle to be fought? GBV IS PERPETRATED WITHIN FAMILIES. How do perpetrators and victims fight a battle that is in the kitchen? In the bedroom? In the living room? Within the home? On the streets? Within the community? Without a clear focus on strengthening families – economically and socially – the violence will continue within families. Violence will continue within communities.

There are many entry points to solving the problem of GBV - laws, arrests, compliance, incarceration, counselling, education, safe homes - these are all important actions .... and there is also transforming families from within. Separating perpetrators and victims is a short term action. The long term goal is to ensure that victims are safe in homes and communities. The long term goal is to ensure that perpetrators are part of functioning families. Perpetrators are part of our homes and part of our communities. After all they are our fathers, husbands, sons and brothers.

Name the dysfunctionality within families and community structures. Get rid of fighting talk. Start with rebuilding talk. Transform families and homes. Build family resilience one household at a time!

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