Stable, healthy families are at the heart of strong societies

Stable, healthy families are at the heart of strong societies. It is within the family environment that an individual’s physical, emotional and psychological development occurs. It is from our family that we learn unconditional love, we understand right from wrong, and we gain empathy, respect and self-regulation. These qualities enable us to engage positively at school, at work and in society in general. The absence of a stable, nurturing family environment has a profoundly damaging impact on the individual, often leading to behaviour which is profoundly damaging to society (Centre for Social Justice, 2010:6)

Bearing this in mind any change within society eg responsible citizens, present fathers, peaceful and stable homes, care for older persons and people with disability, raising confident children, happy marital unions, care for self and neighbours, etc - these values and the associated behaviours will happen first within a family, within a loving home, within a stable, nurturing family environment.

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