Walking in a nature reserve ... as a family

Lockdown has taught me appreciation of being freely out in the open - still socially distant of course - but able to walk freely in the public space. Especially on a hot Sunday morning when the prospect of a family lunch and relaxation is all that stretches ahead.

Last weekend during the regular Sunday walk in a nature reserve, I encountered a group of 3 adults and about 9 teens and tweens. We greeted and commented on the pleasant walk and environment.

"Youth group?" I queried.

"No family group," was the prompt response.

The beautiful day immediately became a lesson in the meaning of family strengthening. Strength, capacity and functioning is built on families spending enjoyable time together. Sweating together on the uphill, admiring the group of zebra, chatting during the water break and anticipating lunch at the end of the exercise.

I remember my childhood of Sunday afternoons in the park, ball games, card games during winter months - often with the adults. Building strong families does not need equipment and money and experts. Possibly just time and patience and willingness on the part of adults.

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