Fr Lengoabala Leuta

Director: Sekwele Centre for Social Reflection & Family Cohesion Project

Fr Leuta Lengoabala is a priest who  has  more than 20 years of pastoral ministry experience. He is passionate about interacting with communities and strengthening families. He advocates for the role of men in strengthening families and communities.


Social Worker and Field Officer: Family Cohesion Project

Two social workers are currently being recruited to to provide support, counselling and referral services to families in communities that participate in the Family Cohesion Project. Watch this space.

Ms Esther Nzimande

Office Administrator: Family Cohesion Project

Esther Nzimande is a long serving administrator who manages finances, logistical support, interaction with stakeholders, participates in writing funding proposals and is the front line of the organisation.


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Sekwele Logo copy_edited.png
Mr Josie Ralebanye - Chairperson 

Josie Ralebenya has a lengthy career as an educator and school manager, a politician and entrepreneur. He has  knowledge and experience of social and political development having served as a mayor within the local government sphere. He has specific interest in youth leadership and human settlements.

Fr George Wagner - Treasurer

Fr George has been a priest for more than 40 years; with a long history of serving the communities of the Eastern Free State Province. His pastoral care includes serving in a variety of positions on Boards of Trustees of Diocesan NGOs; providing administrative  and financial management skills. 

Mr Andrew Masoeu

Andrew Masoeu is a retired principal who maintains an interest in community development and the well-being of families and support to children and vulnerable members of the community. He enjoys facilitation of community discussions on current issues that affect families

Ms Maleshoane Hlalele

Maleshoane Moutloali  serves as a chief liaison officer to a local government ward counsellor. Her skill in community communication and consultation links development theory to practice. She enjoys engaging with youth and believes that building youth leadership  is vital for building healthy communities. 

Bishop Jan De Groef

Bishop Jan who was appointed in 2008 has a long history as priest and leader within South Africa and on the African continent. His motto "Alive in Christ" is the foundation on which he provides pastoral care to the members of the Diocese of Bethlehem.

Ms Imelda Diouf

Imelda Diouf works as a strategic manager in the areas of human rights and sustainable development; with a particular focus on vulnerable groups within the context of family. She advocates for family strengthening, cohesion and resilience as a key socio-economic stability factor within households and communities.